House Rules

3-die stunt rewards

If the award recipient opts for a point of XP, this is granted to the entire group (recipient included) at the session’s end.

Daily willpower regain

Roll your primary virtue (or highest if you do not have a primary virtue) rather than Conviction to regain willpower after a night’s rest.

Flurry cancellation

The rules are indistinct on the degree to which one must commit to executing a flurry. The interpretation in use here: You may cancel a flurry between actions involved, if you so desire, or change what those actions are (Ex: Changing the target of an upcoming attack). You cannot add more actions to the flurry than the number you initially decided, and cancelling it does not retroactively un-penalize your previous actions. This is merciful, but somewhat unrealistic. Requiring the entire flurry to “follow through” might be slightly more believable, and is an option.

XP gains

Here is the breakdown on potential XP gains for the group/individual players:
4 XP for attendance/for the session itself.
1 XP if a significant obstacle is overcome (be it a fight with genuine risk, a difficult negotiation, or any other considerable challenge).
2 XP at the conclusion of a story arc.
1 XP per player who executed at least one 3-die stunt (see above).
1-2 XP as a creator’s bonus (see below) per item, up to 4 XP maximum per session.

Creator’s bonus

Players may gain bonus XP by helping to flesh out Thunder City and its inhabitants. The two basic ways are via locations, and characters.

Creating a location gives 1 XP if you place it on the map and write up a properly categorized wiki page for it on the site. A Maptool-usable map raises the reward to 2 XP.

Creating a character gives 1 XP if you write up a properly categorized wiki page for them on the site, with a picture. Fully statting them out and placing their PDF character sheet in the communal Dropbox folder raises the reward to 2 XP.

Other contributions to the game may be acceptable in lieu of these. You may only bank up to 4 XP in creator bonuses until the next session. If you create more in excess of this, you can hold the rewards in reserve to gain later. Please do NOT create Celestial Exalted without prior permission! New content created, and XP granted, will be documented on the adventure log entry for the session prior to the content’s creation.

Detecting Manses/Demesnes

The rules printed in Oadenol’s Codex, to the best of ST Ven’s ability to deduce, literally do not make sense. Instead, use this:

At any time, an Essence user may attempt to detect the closest manse/demesne by rolling Perception+Occult+the manse/demesne’s rating. The ST might secretly roll the latter so as not to reveal it to the player. The difficulty is the manse/demesne’s distance in miles. On a success, the character senses the direction and distance to the site for a moment or two. Another roll may be necessary on approach to “home in”. The same roll can be made on a manse/demesne that the character is inside or can see (even through supernatural clairvoyance) or touch, to discern its aspect and rating. Manses add +2 to the difficulty of these rolls (both detection and analysis) due to their tightly controlled geomancy.


Background-related materials (allies, connections, artifacts, manses, etc.) are simply acquired in-game. You do not have to pay XP for things earned in-game. After character creation, however, the ship has sailed on having them handed to you in exchange for points.

Training Times

Standard XP costs are still in effect. All favored or caste abilities and attributes can be learned instantly. All other abilities and attributes, all charms, and all specialties require 1 day (8 hours) worth of training. Essence can be leveled up either by completing a motivation or training the standard time of (current rating) months. Note: completing a motivation only waives the training time required to level up Essence; it does not waive the cost.


With the update to training times, Sifu lose the benefit of halving training times. However, a Sifu is still required for skills that cannot be learned inherently.

House Rules

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