Harper Cole and Strep

“Keeping Thunder City secure since 2110.”

In a city where crime is rife, there are never too many precautions you can take in protecting your family, your home, or your business. Harper, Cole, and Strep can help with that. HCS is a local security company that provides a variety of ways to protect both physical locations and important data.

Services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Camera and monitoring systems (basic or more advanced, like infrared, night, or heat)
  • Alarm systems
  • Training programs (for security guards, system managers, and more)
  • High-security encryption, storage and monitoring of digital data and networks
  • Highly trained security guards that can be hired on in daily, weekly, or monthly contracts for practically every business, organization, event or otherwise
  • High-security transportation for persons or goods
  • Safety compliance and regulation inspections and consultation

HCS has a great track record among civilians and businesses both. Their systems and their staff can be relied on as much as it could be for the place Thunder City is. There are always exceptions, and with both the Syndicates and Neosapiens at play, not even the highest security is 100% guaranteed, but even considering that HCS does a stellar job at keeping Thunder City’s people, places and information safe. In order to minimize liabilities and risk of “contamination,” HCS isn’t shy about touting their rigorous employment requirements. All staff, from security guards to office management, are put through a thorough personality assessment, background check, and cross-examination. Staff are also subjected to a bi-annual review and assessment; for staff, this process can be incredibly intrusive, but the benefits of working with HCS aren’t slim.


The home office for Harper, Cole, and Strep is a boxy three-story building closer to the east-side suburbs than the heart of Thunder City. The building itself is boring and unimaginative, with ample numbers of windows. A few decorative bushes dot the outside of the building and the perimeter of the ample parking lot beside.

330 East Manhattan Blvd

Hours: (Office only)
Monday-Friday | 8am-5pm

Harper Cole and Strep

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