Garden Inn and Suites

Though its name might imply slightly above standard temporary housing, Garden Inn and Suites is anything but. Garden Inn first opened its doors half a century ago, but the original owner suffered from a slew of tragically horrible luck that closed it for the first time after only two years. This skeezy motel has seen many different owners in the countless times it’s opened and closed its doors since, and it unfortunately lives up to its title of “Thunder City’s Sketchiest Motel.”

Thanks to its sorry state of decay and neglect, poor upkeep, abysmal lack of cleanliness and complete absence of all but the most basic human necessities in housing, this motel is preferably only to sleeping on a street side, disease-ridden mattress. However, its rooms are criminally cheap and for rent by hour, day, week, or month, and everyone – everyone – is welcome, no questions (or sometimes even names) asked, so long as guests pay up front and in cash. Even if it’s an utter shithole and incredibly unsafe, its cheapness and lack of discrimination provides a good last-resort apartment for the would-be-homeless.

Naturally, the place is rife with prostitutes, drug dealers, and any sort of criminal that would want to lay low for a few nights. One might ask how this place hasn’t shut down, as its continued existence is a pox on Thunder City: Garden Inn and Suites has racked up over $250,000 in fines over 500+ unique incidents of fire, health and safety, and building code violations. The out-of-state owner and operator has managed kept the motel open only by repeatedly contesting the fines in court. It’s only a matter of time before it’s finally shut down, but that’s what they said three years ago…

Garden Inn and Suites only offers one- and two-bed rooms. Each room comes equipped with, at least, a bed, a chair, a small desk, a dresser, and a bathroom. Guests can wash their clothes in the laundry room (if any of the machines currently work – an unlikely case), attempt to wrangle some ice out of the one working ice machine in the entire motel, or peruse the selections of vending machines that are no longer stocked. There are no other amenities.

While the Inn and Suites might have been quaint, if simple, on its opening day, the motel is in poor condition now.

The four, two-story buildings that make up the motel are built in a square shape. Parking surrounds the perimeter of the four buildings. A small swimming pool, concrete patio and tiny grass area occupy the courtyard in the middle of the buildings. All of the buildings suffer from a variety of structural issues like leaking roofs, broken railings on the second floor, rickety stairs, fallen gutters and more. Where there is concrete, there is certain to be many cracks and weeds growing rampant out of them. The dull, faded siding has long since started to flake – not that it can be seen under the layers and layers of graffiti anyway. The pool, while filled, hasn’t been cleaned or replaced in years.

The rooms are arguably worse: tacky wallpaper that’s peeling off layers of its predecessors; rings of grime (or sometimes mold) on the bathtub; mirrors that are little better than a scuffed piece of metal; carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed in months; half-broken beds with threadbare, holey covers; pillows like rocks; one working light bulb per room, likely of the lowest wattage possible — the list goes on.

Location: 99 Blindside Court

Checkout is 11am

Garden Inn and Suites

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