Fifth and Third

A bar that’s been around forever, the Fifth and Third is one of the oldest businesses in town. A favorite of the Irish, the pub serves a variety of beers and ciders, but spirits are also available, and a limited selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Food is available as well, though you have to cross the venue divider to pick it up, with various American and Irish options.

Relatively cheap and given its area of town, the Fifth and Third is most popular for middle-aged hookups, after work groups, and being able to drink past 2:00AM. It is also one of the few havens of smokers.

This pub is in Volcano territory.



The old Fifth and Third has changed hands countless times over the years, but is as old as Thunder City, and no matter who’s holding the title, the place always stays the same. When the nation went dry for prohibition, it became a speakeasy; when America cracked down on smoking in restaurants, the place got a permit. When that was revoked, they expanded the place, opened up a second shop next door that offered the same food they always had, and people simply carried it into the other venue. When Main Street changed and its streets got renamed, Fifth and Third put a sign out on the new 5th Ave and 3rd St. to tell people that they were wrong, and needed to get over to where the eatin’ was good and the bar never ran dry.


The Fifth and Third is a rectangular building with two main sections, all done in heavily polyurethaned wood with sports team flags, plaques, and symbols of Irish pride. The bars are quite long, and the tables squarish, to be easily fitted together. The western half of the building is a smoking bar; the eastern half is a (by law) non-smoking restaurant.

Atmospherically, the place is always dark and smells of cigarette smoke over bacon, cheese, and everything fried. This is also the aesthetic of some, but just a select few, of its patrons.



Among other things, there are various mixed, roasted, and seasoned nuts available, french and waffle fries (loaded, chili, you name it), chicken nuggets, tater tots, burgers, cheese sticks, chips and salsa, nachos, onion rings, pierogies, sandwiches, fish and chips, stew (changes daily), shepherd’s pie, and chili. Bacon is available by the tray. The desserts include a variety of fried things, including fresh doughnut holes, fried ice cream, fried candy bars, funnel cakes… Basically anything fried.


305 Oak Rd, at the corner of Oak and Fletcher
Formerly 5th Ave and 3rd St.


Daily: 8pm-4am (Last call 3am)

Daily: 5pm-2am

Fifth and Third

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