One of Thunder City’s hidden gems, Euphorie is a jazz and blues club and bar located on the west side and firmly rooted in King Syndicate territory.

Euphorie offers a unique experience to visitors and is as much of a history lesson as it is a classy date destination: in addition to the markedly vintage decor of a traditional, upper-class prohibition-era jazz club, all of the club’s employees speak and act as if they were plucked straight from 1920’s. This group act immerses visitors in the vibes of a decade long since past, even going to such efforts that modern technology, history and social trends are not discussed by staff; if such topics are brought up, the staff responds with believable shock, surprise, and disbelief.

Throughout the week, Euphorie provides a wide variety of jazz and blues performances, encompassing any number of era-relevant songs as well as more modern productions – the only exception to their 20’s act, provided the songs are still tonally, stylistically relevant. One can frequently expect new and returning guest performances, though there is also a collection of artists that perform on a regular, weekly basis.

While there are no private rooms to rent, the entire basement level is on rare occasion rented out for private parties and events during the day, after hours, or sometimes during normal hours on weekdays. Availability largely relies on who, if anyone, is performing that night – something that is not always determined before two weeks before the date.

The first floor bar does not advertise alcoholic beverages on its menu, instead offering a small variety of snacks (like nuts and pretzels) and non-alcoholic beverages (namely glass-bottled sodas, tea and coffee, milk, and more). Visitors may still order alcohol at this bar, though the bartender will act discretely in serving it. The second floor bar advertises and serves a large variety of alcoholic beverages, highlighting cocktails and mixed drinks that were popular in the 20’s.

Frequent Performers:

  • La Dame Noire | 10’s-40’s jazz and blues, particularly French
  • Mille James and the Lawrence Boys | contemporary jazz styles
  • Django’s Sons | instrumental jazz, blues and swing
  • Baby Blue | classic blues
  • The Zoot Suits | big band jazz, swing

Euphorie is set into a charming, old two-story brick building. While the building lacks a lot of windows and seems small due to its narrowness and low ceilings, the inside is quite luxurious. On the first floor, the bared brick walls are covered with mirrors, paintings, antique/vintage signage, tapestries, velvet curtains and more; on the basement level, the walls are dressed with rich wallpaper and wood paneling. Similarly, the bare plank floors are frequently dressed up with ornate, antique rugs.

Most (if not nearly all) of Euphorie’s decor relies on deeply hued woods, rich reds, accents of gold, and a mix between rustic and classic turn-of-the-century.

While the building was probably not around during the 1920’s, it is still set up like a prohibition-era bar. The first floor is set up more like a giant common room, allowing visitors to socialize in small, comfortable groups, or draw up more plush stools and rearrange seating to allow for larger groups. The stairwell to the basement is actually a poorly-kept secret; anyone who has not heard about it before going to Euphorie would only realize there is a basement level after witnessing the sheer number of people coming and going from a bookshelf-obscured stairwell.

The basement is more tightly packed with plush furniture, allowing for more seating. The second floor bar is much smaller than the first floor’s, so servers often sneak upstairs to fetch drinks as they patrol the maze of couches and stools. The far end of the room is dedicated to a small stage, whose music carries well even to the opposite side.

The second floor is dedicated to 5 studio apartments.

1st Floor


723 Raleigh Boulevard

Sunday -Thursday | 5pm-12am
Friday & Saturday | 5pm-2am


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