Diamond in the Sky

At the very top of fine dining – and the Crystal Palace – Diamond in the Sky is the sky-high jewel Thunder City denizens aspire to for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Perched on the top floors of the Crystal Palace, Diamond in the Sky provides its wealthy patrons with absolute five star service and phenomenal food. The menu changes daily, planned to perfection (down to presentation and wine pairing) by a staff of no fewer than three nationally acclaimed chefs. Dishes are prepared by well-trained, discerning lesser chefs, served in delicate or strange (but always appetizing) ways by the incredibly poised wait staff. Live music is always provided, typically a four-string quartet but not uncommonly a small jazz band, a pianist-piano duo, or similarly enchanting ensembles.

Diamond in the Sky, like the hotel it resides on top of, is not cheap or even remotely affordable to the vast majority of Thunder City’s residents. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford the easily $200+ entrees, getting in is completely different matter; the reservation wait-list is at least six months long at any given point. Only the most important (and/or rich) patrons or patrons staying in the Crystal Palace’s most expensive rooms (which are also frequently wait-listed for months) are able to dine at Diamond in the Sky without a reservation.

Due to its daily rotation, the menu is impossible to predict, but patrons can be guaranteed of two things: The quality of food is always superb, and the ingredients (main or supplementary) are sometimes strange and exotic.

Items may be purchased off the menu a la carte, or patrons may simply order a full 10 course meal. Those who choose the former typically spend a minimum of an hour and a half dining; the latter, typically three to four hours. When making reservations, patrons must indicate whether they intend to purchase a la carte or the 10 course meal.

Diamond in the Sky also has a full-service bar, but no seating. The wait area at the restaurant’s entrance does not have seating, nor is it very large, as the restaurant does not make expected patrons wait to be seated.



In its namesake (and the Crystal Palace’s namesake), Diamond in the Sky sparkles with the radiance of Thunder City’s night lights. All walls of the restaurant’s three stories are wall-to-ceiling glass, allowing patrons a spectacular view of the cityscape. The restaurant’s true beauty comes out after sunset, when the city sparkles below and the sky sparkles above.

Minimal and sleek, Diamond in the Sky is decorated in dark, rich colors, its tables set far apart to allow for comfortable, intimate dining experiences. The kitchen is set in the middle of the first floor, and the bathrooms are set in the middle of the second floor; a glass and black metal circular staircase ascends all three levels, the top of which is divided into several, airy glass rooms that allow for larger groups.

195 Albany, atop the Crystal Palace

The restaurant stays open as late as necessary to accommodate their patrons. The latest reservation time available for a la carte is 10pm; for the 10 course meal, 9pm.
Monday-Thursday | 6pm
Friday-Sunday | 4pm

Diamond in the Sky

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