DavaTech Pharmacies

DavaTech is a small pharmaceutical franchise local only to Thunder City. It is a fairly established company of about 25 years and had four locations across the city at the height of its business.

DavaTech provides all the services of a standard pharmacy, including offering a well-stocked first aid supplies section and small sections of household products, nonperishable foods, and anything else one would expect to find in a small general goods store. Additionally, each location offers a wide selection of vitamins and supplements that eclipses most of their direct competitors’.

In recent years, DavaTech has seen troubled waters. The two of its newest locations have been closed for unspecified reasons (assumed to be due to poor management), but its original and second location remain open and relatively popular within the areas immediately surrounding them.

Both DavaTech locations are built into the lowest floor of a typical downtown building unit that opens directly to the street, with apartments located above. Guests must park on the street or in a nearby parking garage.

The stores themselves are small compared to larger franchises, but well-kept and sleek with white tile and white walls. The building has two large storefront windows and glass-pane entry door, both which are protected by retractable metal sheets overnight. Shelves line most of the walls and divide the floor into sections, intersecting with a small check-out counter (tobacco products behind) near the front door. Guests may also check out at the pharmacy counter in the back of the building.

There are three employees working at any given time during the work day: one at the front counter and two pharmacists. In the evening, typically only one pharmacist is working along with the counter clerk.

440 West Locust ( King syndicate territory)
704 22nd St (Neutral territory)

Monday-Friday | 7am-11pm
Saturday | 8am-10pm
Sunday | 8am-8pm

DavaTech is open on all standard non-Federal holidays, but is closed on the most prevalent traditional Hindu holidays.

DavaTech Pharmacies

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