Crystal Palace

One of Thunder City’s premier hotels, the Crystal Palace is more of an experience than just a place to sleep. Its unique signature is brutally clean, contemporary design incorporating a surplus of glass and, naturally, crystal in a truly lavish experience.

The Crystal Palace is a relatively young hotel of about 30 years. Having seen a lack in the number of high-quality, luxury hotels in the city, its founder – a very wealthy and prosperous business man whose businesses can be found across several states – called for its construction. The hotel has drawn visitors from all around the state and is a very popular choice for preeminent galas, banquets, annual meetings, conventions and more.

The Crystal Palace offers rooms of all sizes from single queens to extended stay, honeymoon and presidential suites. All of the rooms, regardless of size, are extremely luxurious and come equipped with plush bed dressings (the kind with at least 8 pillows), microwave, minifridge, desk and chair, table, couch, TV and cable, hot-tub bath, shower, and more. More expensive rooms and suites come with additional features like a living room, a full-sized kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and balconies overlooking Thunder City.


  • Bourbon On the Rocks, a bar on the first floor
  • Diamond in the Sky, a restaurant on the top floor
  • Four ballrooms, each of which can be divided into four smaller sections, available for rental (catering available, but not included)
  • Luxury retail stores
  • An indoor-outdoor heated swimming pool, three hot tubs, indoor sauna, outdoor patio area, two tennis courts, and a small bar on the roof
  • An (almost) all-inclusive gym
  • Full-service spa
  • Hair salon
    and all the amenities of normal hotels like Wi-Fi, room service, laundry services, valet parking, etc.

Rooms are, naturally, quite expensive at the Crystal Palace. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Palace if they have the money to do so, but the patrons (and staff) do not think kindly of people who do not dress and act the part during their stay. Staff are friendly but almost as notoriously snooty as their guests. Cordiality and politeness is treasured at the Crystal Palace, and the managers will not hesitate to remove unruly parties — unless said parties are very important clients, in which case the problem is quietly addressed or ignored.



As per its name, the Crystal Palace is a 20-story building whose exterior is covered in reflective glass. As it reflects the sky and surrounding buildings, it almost disappears into the skyline sometimes. As the rooftop is slanted, the swimming pool takes up half the roof; its indoor portions and the restaurant take up the remainder of the slanted top floors.

Inside, the Crystal Palace is every bit of extravagance you would expect. The lobby is an open courtyard that reaches 7 stories tall, capped by a round glass dome that lets in ample light below. The architecture is neo-classical and modern executed by sharp lines of glass and white marble. A grand fountain – the first thing visitors see upon arrival – stands at the very center under the glass dome, surrounded by a small and tidy, tropicana-feel garden. Two glass-walled elevators flank the lobby, allowing you to look down onto the fountain as you ascend.



The remainder of the first floor (and part of the second floor) is devoted to check-in, service rooms, Bourbon On the Rocks and the ballrooms. Of the latter, two are more contemporary while the other two are classically, ostentatiously opulent.

195 Albany

Checkout is at 11am

Crystal Palace

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