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Lightning Syndicate Hierarchy (Kate)
Lazarus Darrow + Sheet (Kate)

Completed (in ascending order)

Spider’s Web | Total: 4XP

Haruka Koizumi + Sheet (Kate)
Isaiah Rush + Sheet (Laura)

Their Bite is Worse Than Their Bark | Total: 2XP

(Character 6) + Sheet (Laura)

The Great Ouchdoors | Total: 4XP

Blanca Velazquez + Sheet (Kate)
(Character 5) + Sheet (Jen)

Raisin Questions and Chasing Answers | Total: 4XP

(Character 1) + Sheet (Laura)
(Character 2) + Sheet (Laura)

Raisin | Total: 4XP

Ivory Thompson + Sheet (Kate)
Sawyer + Sheet (Lao)

Cricket Rampage | Total: 4XP

Tycho Branson + Sheet (Laura & Kate)
Garden Inn and Suites + Map (Kate)

Rampage | Total: 2XP

Molly Pierce + Sheet, 2XP (Kate)

A Door to the Dead | Total: 4XP

[Character 3] + Sheet, 2XP (Jen)
Rhino syndicate hierarchy map, 2XP (Laura & Kate)

And Now We Wait Part 2 | Total: 4XP

[Character 4] + Sheet, 2XP (Jen)
Guy Pierce + Sheet, 2XP (Laura)

Content Creation

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