Champion Dojo

Champion Dojo is technically more of a space for fitness classes than geared solely toward the martial arts. Classes offered include a variety of martial arts styles, yoga, dancing, and fitness classes. Instructors work out a schedule with the owners and pay a fee to teach their classes during a contract period, usually 3 or 6 months. Sometimes the classrooms are in use as practice space for professionals, often during mornings and afternoons when classes are less popular. In this way, the dojo sees the most activity possible on a daily basis, even though nights remain the busiest times. Practice rooms are available and double as space for private lessons.

As a general rule, students are expected to buy or supply their own uniforms and equipment each session, and lockers are only provided for personal belongings to be stored during class time. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles or any liquid container with a sealable lid. Containers without sealable lids are not permissible in the dojo, and food is expected to be eaten off-premises, with the exception of staff offices.

Marco Nguyen used to teach aikido and kuk sool won classes for adults and teens here.


The dojo is located in a strip of unrelated shops next to a frozen yogurt store and vintage media store. Its exterior is made of large glass panels with roll-down protection for when the place closes. Signs adorn the non-glass areas and advertize the classes available inside.

The interior includes three class areas, one of which is showcased through the glass and just to the right of the lobby at which you enter. The floors are wood and the walls are painted a soft sandstone color, lined with mirrors. Continuing back from the lobby are two more long classrooms, two small, shared offices, and two private practice rooms. Each of the classrooms either has storage space in a closet or has its ‘stored’ equipment on display off to the side. All have lockers (for in-class use only, please). Blue mats are often laid on the floor during martial arts practice for safety. The first room is equipped with free weights and other small, hand-held fitness supplies.


Classes change as instructors scheduling require.

  • Aikido: Child, teen, and adult classes, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday afternoons and evenings. Beginner, intermediate, advanced levels for teen and adult classes. (Seeking instructor for teen and adult classes)
  • Ballroom Dancing: Teen and adult classes, Thursday and Saturday evenings. Modules cover waltz, foxtrot, two-step, and tango. Beginner and intermediate classes offered.
  • Bellydance: Teen and adult classes, Monday and Wednesday evenings, Sunday afternoons.
  • Bhangra and Bollywood Dance: Adult classes, Wednesday and Sunday evenings.
  • Book Club and Discussion: Any age, Saturday mornings.
  • Breaking/B-boying: Ages 12+ or by special permission. Beginner and advanced levels. Tuesday nights.
  • Fitness: Adult classes, morning, afternoon, and evening, daily, at varying fitness levels. Special classes offered for seniors in the afternoons, daily.
  • Hip Hop Dance: Teen and adult classes, Wednesday nights.
  • Jam Session: Afternoon and evening activities, Thursday nights. Students encouraged to bring their own instrument.
  • Judo: Child, teen, and adult classes, Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights. Beginner and intermediate classes offered.
  • Karate: Child, teen, and adult classes, Monday-Friday, afternoon and evening classes for adults, evening classes for children. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes available.
  • Kuk Sool Won: Teen and adult classes, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday afternoons and evenings. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. (Potentially seeking instructor)
  • Latin Dance: Adult classes, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • Lindy Hop: Teen and adult classes, Sunday and Monday evenings. Students must be interviewed and accepted first.
  • Liquid Dance: Classes are combined and available for anyone 12+ or with permission. Beginner and advanced classes offered. Wednesday nights.
  • Meditation and Relaxation: Adult classes, morning and evening daily, Monday and Friday afternoon.
  • Muay Thai: Teen and adult classes, Tuesday, Thursday nights.
  • Pole-dancing: Teen and adult classes, Tuesday, Friday nights. Minors must have their parent with them for a special interview session before being accepted.
  • Swing Dance: Teen and adult classes, Monday, Thursday nights.
  • Tai Chi: Child, teen, and adult classes, Wednesday, Saturday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • Yoga: Adult classes, morning, afternoon, and evening, daily.
  • Zumba: Adult classes, Tuesday, Friday nights.

2106 Greens Boulevard

Hours change depending on when classes are scheduled, but classes are held within the following limits:
Generally | 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Champion Dojo

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