Casa del Sol Naciente

Despite being of only predictably average quality, Casa del Sol Naciente – literally the “House of the Rising Sun” – is a popular Mexican restaurant located in uptown Thunder City. It is unremarkable in every way and is practically indistinguishable from similar, locally run Mexican restaurants in menu offerings, staff and décor.

Casa del Sol, as it’s more commonly called, first opened its doors in 2149. Owner Gorge Cruz has since managed the restaurant while his wife Felicia and daughter Melanie serve as waitresses alongside a handful of other Hispanics, almost all of who are guaranteed to be illegal immigrants.

The similarity between the restaurant’s name and the popular 1960’s song of the same name is no coincidence. Gorge often (happily) explains that his father used to work at a vintage record store when he was a child, and that when he’d help out he would frequently hear a variety of old songs. “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals became one of his favorites, and so he decided to name his restaurant after it – and in memory of his father who had passed away a few years beforehand.

Casa del Sol resides in a slightly run-down two story building that has seen better days and several tenants before its time. Its layout is standard and simple, a box building with windows on the walls nearest the street. The second floor is, presumably, an apartment where the Cruz family lives.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated in festive tackiness with elements including stucco ceilings, red tile floors, arched barriers, murals depicting traditional/historical Mexican life, papier-mâché birds of paradise, traditional Mexican blankets and baskets, and piñatas. Many of the tables, chairs and booth seating have seen better days, held together by duct tape that matches their color.

24 2nd Street

Sunday | 3pm-9pm
Monday-Thursday | 11am-9pm
Friday & Saturday | 11am-11pm

Casa del Sol Naciente

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