Brick Ridge Apartments

Sometimes you just need a place to sleep. It’s not clean, it’s not in a nice part of town, and it’s probably definitely not safe, either, but Brick Ridge is a place to sleep, where no one will ask you any questions. The tenants know better by now, and so should you. At least the price is right.

Brick Ridge is located just outside of Rhino territory on the northwestern edge of the city.

Currently, there are vacancies.


Six floors high and made of brick, this apartment complex is solid, and that’s probably the only reason it’s standing. The building has a central stairwell with two elevators (though one is always busted, and both are often down); four wings surround this central area, housing three apartments per wing per floor, or 72 total apartments. Of these apartments, there are usually between 4-8 which are out of commission; they require extensive cleaning or perhaps something more which you should not inquire about. The ground floor apartments are usually subject to graffiti and several windows have been boarded up… for whatever reason.

401 Oak Way

Brick Ridge Apartments

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