Arts and Frames

A small art supply store that offers classes. Supplies otherwise available can be ordered through the store at a discount to members. Custom framing is available, but about as expensive as you’d expect.

Supplies carried include standard wet and dry media, clays, resins, and polymers, beads and scrapbooking supplies, origami paper, tools, brushes, and more. All classes require students to bring their own supplies, though packages can be purchased through the store. Prices for classes vary, but children’s night is free for children under 12; adults are $5.

Arts and Frames is located on the Swift highway at the southern border of Volcano territory.


Located in a strip next to a office supply and furniture store, Arts and Frames has a soft yellow exterior and is painted a pale lime inside. Space is an issue, so aisles tend to be narrow and supplies are kept in close quarters. The back room, which normally serves as a break room, is commandeered for classes nightly.

5109 Swift Rd.

Daily | 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Classes offered:
Classes from from 6-8PM daily and last an hour each, unless only one class is listed— in which case it is two hours long.

Monday: Origami, Quilling
Tuesday: Children’s night
Wednesday: Portraits; Figure Drawing
Thursday: Watercolor; Mixed Media
Friday: Charcoal and Colored Pencil, Sculpture
Saturday: Painting, beginner; Painting, intermediate
Sunday: Scrapbooking and Crafts (including beading)

Arts and Frames

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