Tag: Police


  • Thunder City Police Department

    The Thunder City Police Department (TCPD) manages law and order in Thunder City. It's led by [[:chief-irons | Chief Daniel Irons]], as it has been for the past eight years. The department's reputation, for the most part, is mixed. While no police force on …

  • Chief Irons

    h3. Background Chief Irons has been the chief of the TCPD for years, and has a mixed reputation. He's never been conclusively tied to corruption. However, the reputation the TCPD has for impotence is often an albatross around his neck, and he usually …

  • Lieutenant Tighe

    h3. Background Following in the footsteps of his brother, father, and grandfather, Rowan is a lieutenant for the [[Thunder City Police Department | Thunder City Police Department]].

  • Ted Owens

    h3. Background Ted's been a police officer with the [[Thunder City Police Department | TCPD]] for almost two decades now, but he's been a police officer or service man for years before in another city. He's due for comfortable retirement soon, and …