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  • Thunder City Government

    h1. Offices of Thunder City Government h2. Mayor [[:ruth-mckenzie | Mayor Ruth J. McKenzie]] h2. District Attorney [[:stephanie-morgan | Stephanie K. Morgan]] h2. Chief of Police [[:chief-irons | Chief Daniel Irons]] h2. City Judges …

  • Thunder City Hall

    This page should exist, as the building is labelled with a map marker on the map. Go ahead and edit however you like, Ven!

  • Ruth McKenzie

    h3. Background Mayor McKenzie was voted into office in 2164, up for re-election for a possible second term in April of 2168. She was voted in on the heels of a previous mayor, Ronald Wuthers, who left office after one term dogged by scandals relating …

  • Stephanie Morgan

    h3. Background Stephanie Morgan is Thunder City's most newly appointed attorney general, managing the county prosecutor's office. All circuit and city prosecutors fall under her purview. She's made major waves for being a *loud* opponent of organized …