Ziggy D

Black-Market Information Dealer


Full legal name: Roshan Charmchi
Nickname(s): Ziggy D
Age: 33
Ethnicity: Middle-Eastern and Black
Height: 5’6"
Weight: About 165lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Appearance: 2


Ziggy’s not much one for elaborate outfits or spending much time on self-grooming. While he could be more attractive than he is, he’s not generally well kept – clean most of the time, but scraggly and not afraid to go around in dirty or scuffed clothes. He often wears beanies and close-fitting leather jackets over sweats and dark, plain t-shirts, though he can ‘dress up’ with some slacks. Tattoos line his arms and chest (and maybe elsewhere, not that he’d show). His goatee is notoriously untrimmed, but short.


Gruff and abrasiveness, Ziggy’s a typical ghetto thug personality. He doesn’t take well to rude people and is generally distrusting of others, treating everyone like they’re a disaster waiting to happen to him until they prove otherwise. (It’s a defense mechanism really; dealing information in a city run by high-power crime syndicates could land you in bad places.) Once you prove yourself somewhat trustworthy, Ziggy’s an unpolished, hard type of friend or associate. You can be sure that he’ll watch your back until it gets him in trouble, then you’re all on your own.



As far as anyone knows, Ziggy’s been in the black market for most of his life; he’s a regular veteran in illegal business. Ziggy deals primarily in information with side businesses running small amounts of drugs and illegal arms under the table. He’s walked the streets for a long time and he’s guaranteed to have more dirt on more people than you’d ever imagine a syndicate free man to have. If you want the word on someone or someplace, there’s a good chance Ziggy knows – and for a nice price, you can too.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Both Vincent and Sophia have worked for Ziggy in the past.
  • Ziggy does not (publicaly) pledge allegiance to any syndicate, though he might be willing to sell information to them, for a high price.

Ziggy D

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