Tommy G

Ex-syndicate Free Spirit, Obviously-Sape Posterboy, Teenage Heartthrob


Full legal name: Thomas Lawrence Giuliano
Nickname(s): Tommy G, Tommy, Perch
Caste/Aspect: Air
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Italian and Japanese; appears very white
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Short, black
Eyes: Light blue
Appearance score: 5
Anima: An outward-pouring wind that blows ice past everything in it. Starts as a fog, ends as an electrified hailstorm.


Tall, wiry, and stark all apply to Tommy G’s appearance, though he’s much better looking than those words would imply. The by-product of long-term breeding has given him an unnatural pallor that not even makeup can fully hide now that he’s taken his second breath. After trying to hide it and failing, he’s embraced his ‘goddamn vampire’ looks with guyliner and called it at that. These days he wears a leather jacket over casual clothes that are less susceptible to annoying, persistent billowing in his ambient breeze. His appearance as a neosapien is painfully obvious through his unnatural pallor and occasional elemental quirks. When he’s upset, his breath fogs out as in winter; when angry or very excited, he may accidentally spark or emit a breeze or gusts. As a general rule, while he ostensibly is attractive, responses typically either fetishize his aesthetic or spark cultural resentment or xenophobia against him.


When with his group, Tommy is relaxed, confident, and generally, happy. He has learned to deal with unwanted (and many say, undeserved) fame, and has, on occasion, turned it to good use. Among his friends, Tommy plays the amiable mediator and occasional instigator of their plans, and he holds the authority of the group by making sure that everyone’s opinions are heard. He is, however, periodically plagued with depression and melancholy, and either as the cause or by-product of this, goes through periods of social withdrawal, where he avoids media and fan attention and typically spends all his time either alone or with his best friend, Dr. B. Outside of these episodes, Tommy tries to be relatively civil with the media and comes off as a cheeky troublemaker while being treated like a teenage heartthrob.



A combination of existential angst, social pressure, and familial obligation made him decide to break from his syndicate family in Lightning, including his marriage-in-planning. The money he took with him soon ran out and left him on the street, and it was assumed more generally that he would go crawling back to his family. Due to his obvious status as neosapien and celebrity, no one would hire him for normal work, or risk taking him in— until he met Dr. Bombomb in a dive bar. They’ve been friends ever since. It didn’t take long for them to plan to rob a bank. Their original plan was to take the money and go to Mexico, but Dr. Bombomb thought they should “give something back” to Thunder City. TCD was, by both accounts, Tommy’s idea after their first robbery, but he says that he wouldn’t have stuck with it if it hadn’t been for Dr. B. He likes late 1970s-2020s dance music and knows a variety of dances, but claims he doesn’t really have a specialty. Also vocally talented, he is considered a tenor with an extensive falsetto range that “sounds like an angelic little baby girl” according to Dr. Bombomb. He keeps Dr. B in line when he’s had too much to drink.

Formerly, Tommy has gone to great, comically sad lengths to attempt to conceal his neosapien nature. They’ve never worked. Since settling in with TCD and Dr. Bombomb, Tommy has put most of that shame aside. He still becomes embarrassed at his elemental displays. Perhaps because he’s famous for being famous (that is, for being such a well-bred sape from a well-connected family), and because of his appearance, he is frequently a target for sape-hate. Curiously, he often ignores the bullying, and rarely engages in any argument or physical altercation with those ‘brave’ enough to insult him, and is, among fellow sapes, a very easy target. He has notably become very good at dodging; his appearance itself, let alone coupled with media attention, has made him the target of many, often unprovoked, punches.

Tommy’s fanbase is largely boy-crazy fangirls who dig his aesthetic and romanticize him as a ‘deep, heroic’ emo figure with a ‘smile that hides the pain inside’. Their attention probably causes that to be true at times, but aside from his privacy needs, Tommy tries to be kind, and even obliges the fans on occasion, both with the TCDS not-quite-naked calendar (proceeds used to repair some houses in Poppalocka’s neighborhood) and shiptease, usually himself with fellow member Breezy.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Dr. Bombomb = Best friend and nonsexual life partner. Also co-founder of TCDS. Their deeply affectionate bromance receives a lot of media attention for its comic value, sometimes at shallow levels. Occasionally instead of poking fun at them, something heartwarming will be published about their friendship.
  • Breezy Knees McGee = Close friend and fellow member. Fangirls ship them on a regular basis and sometimes they oblige with a little ship tease. They have a lot of ‘deep’ conversations.
  • Poppalocka = Close friend and fellow member. Tommy credits Poppa as the lead activist voice amongst them, and Poppa affectionately credits Tommy for not being the rich, stuck-up sape bastard he thought he’d be.
  • Mazeltov = Close friend and fellow member. Mazzy’s sense of humor cracks Tommy up, and Tommy’s respect has earned the same in turn. Mazeltov and Tommy have a particular odd relationship in which they make extremely offensive shots at each other; Mazeltov for being red-haired, freckled, and Jewish; Tommy for being ‘white’, rich, and an obvious sape. In their case, these behaviors are affectionate, and a parody of the stupid things they actually hear people say about them.

Tommy G

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