Ted Owens

TCPD Police Officer


Full legal name: Theodore Michael Owens
Nickname(s): Ted, Uncle Teddy (reserved for his young relatives)
Age: 49
Ethnicity: Black
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: 2


Ted’s nondescript appearance is nevertheless one of innate familiarity. He stays clean-shaven (except for a closely kept mustache) and neatly trimmed. His age has crept up on him in the form of a little silver dusting in his hair, a few wrinkles here, a little pudginess there. He proudly wears a gold ring on his left ring finger and a nice, if generic, watch, but very little other accessories.


Good ole Ted’s a typically nice, totally average guy. He’s generous, forgiving, patient, and fatherly. He takes pride in his family and is modest about the work he does for the police department. If he’s seen bad shit go down during his years of service, it hasn’t worn on him in visible ways. He can err on the conservative side and has been known to have a scary temper when his line is crossed, but he’s normally easy-going, if a little compulsive about neatness. Those who have known him the longest say he’s a quietly devout Christian.



Ted’s been a police officer with the TCPD for almost two decades now, but he’s been a police officer or service man for years before in another city. He’s due for comfortable retirement soon, and though he says it’s time he go, everyone knows he’d stay longer if his wife weren’t pressing him to.

Character Relationships/Connections

Ted Owens

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