Ruth McKenzie

Major of Thunder City


Full legal name: Ruth P. McKenzie
Age: 50
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Appearance score: 2


Mayor McKenzie is largely easy-going, with a well-kept, outgoing, toothy smile. She’s not beyond being quite sour when annoyed, though. As mayors go, her general personality is relatively run-of-the-mill.



Mayor McKenzie was voted into office in 2164, up for re-election for a possible second term in April of 2168. She was voted in on the heels of a previous mayor, Ronald Wuthers, who left office after one term dogged by scandals relating to kickbacks from organized crime leading to pardons. For the most part, Mayor McKenzie hasn’t done much to stir the pot, largely protecting status quo, although she is (to the frustration of some locals and the delight of others) quite friendly to courting big business interests in Thunder City. Her most ambitious decision to date was most likely the appointment of the fiery new district attorney. Mayor McKenzie has a husband, Lucas McKenzie, and a son living out of state.

Character Relationships/Connections

Ruth McKenzie

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