Gothic club owner - Underworld servant


Full legal name & nickname(s): Sarah “Raven” Crowley / Murder of Ravens in Fugue
Caste/Aspect: Unknown / Unknown
Age: 19 (appears that way anyway)
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Height: 5’6"
Weight: (something appropriate, I suck at these)
Hair: White
Eyes: Violet
Appearance score: 5
Anima banner: Unknown

A porcelain doll made flesh. Raven is an almost unnatural beauty with pale white skin, silvery-white hair, and violet eyes. She virtually glides with an easy, natural grace unbefitting her relatively young looking appearance. Though what she wears changes constantly, the general style tends to be elegant gothic dresses ranging from renaissance-themed, to victorian, to pure fantasy styles. Though no matter what she wears, they almost all have a very flowing nature to their design, most often with an extensive train of cloth or other add-ons from her shoulders and back. In the instances where she is not wearing something of that nature, she’s seen wearing large, semi-movable black feathered wings, and is possibly what earned her her nickname.

Being the owner of a nightclub, and thus constantly acting as a host to innumerable people, Raven is considered a mostly friendly person, though this friendliness is quite impersonal in nature, and tends to be tempered with a somewhat regal-like air. Beyond this, she is generally a dispassionate person, with very little ever drawing more than the smallest of smiles or frowns from her. She is, however, known to be quite open to chit-chat of all sorts, whether it be idle or important. She may not show much passion or interest in a conversation, but neither does she show any genuine disinterest or revulsion. Because of this many regulars to her club are still attempting to find out just what makes her tick.


She does not share this info with pretty much anyone. Her private life is just that.

Character Relationships/Connections:
Probably far far too connected to Sawyer than she’ll ever admit.


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