Nick Statton

Thunder City's Own Mr. Rogers?


Full legal name: Nicolas D. Statton
Nickname(s): Nick
Age: 30s
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6’4"
Weight: Toned Build
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Appearance score: 2


Close your eyes and imagine the man that mom would have hoped you’d bring home someday, even if that’d make you gay. Mom would only be happy for you. Not terribly handsome, but as wholesome as they come, Nick is tall and blue-eyed behind his glasses, and everything about his person is understated, soft, and elegant. He wears a blue or white dress shirt, with a grey suit when appropriate, a gold band on his ring finger, and a wristwatch; whether formal or casual, he dresses conservatively and modest. He has just enough stubble to seem fresh without being boyish. Something about his body language and expression always seems welcoming and compassionate.


Nick is clear and precise when he speaks, with the sort of demeanor that is reminiscent of the person you might have had or wanted supporting you in your childhood. He simply projects an understated but continual goodwill reminiscent of a parent’s care and calm. It is perhaps alarmingly easy to feel oneself wanting or starting to trust him. Maybe it’s the way he makes eye contact or the way he carries himself with what he says, but he feels instinctually safe and comforting. Anger seems like an alien thing that would look wrong on his face.



Nick recently came to Thunder City with the intention of improving the quality of life for residents. Mayor Ruth McKenzie has given her official endorsement to his initial project, Patrons of Thunder City, a membership program sponsored by individuals and businesses, that is designed to stimulate Thunder City’s economy while providing funds for volunteer projects, as well as necessities that fall under the purview of the government. Nick says that his intention is to put the improvement of Thunder City in the hands of the people using a total transparency financing and resource system. Nick says it is his personal hope, and challenge, to facilitate the involvement of the community in all forms of problem-solving by providing the framework needed to select goals and complete tasks in an cost- and labor-efficient manner. Sustainability, particularly from an economic standpoint, is key, as is the elimination of transactional obscurity.

So far, the Patrons have amassed perhaps surprising amounts of resources. Nick is in the process of putting together the framework and manpower pool to use those resources to greatest effect. He states:

“It’s in human nature to desire accomplishment as the result of effort. By making the accomplishment visible and accessible, and allowing members of our community to select the goals important to them, we’re encouraging that reward system. You should feel good about the good you are doing.”

In a recent interview with WMFB News Channel 16, Nick said:

“What we’re doing, and what my goal is, is putting the power back in the hands of the community. On one side, you have people who can contribute funds, but don’t have the time, energy, or interest to work on a project. On the other hand, you have people who want to do something, but don’t have the resources. You may recognize this quote:

Such is Fate:
Those who can, don’t want to;
Those who want to, can’t;
Those who know, don’t do;
Those who do, don’t know.

We’re going to change that by helping people connect.

Those who can, enable.
Those who want to, act.
Those who know, teach,
Those who do, learn.

“The very cornerstone of our society needs to change. It’s a feeling that something is missing, or wrong, about our world today. It’s something I think we all can understand, even if we might put it in different words; yet, little gets done while we can’t cooperate effectively. Maybe a bureaucracy stands in the way, but more often than not? It’s the bottom line. It all comes down to where the money is going and how it’s spent. It comes down to who is making the decisions and why, and what and whom they are accountable to.

“With our Crystal Clear approach, we are going to employ a staggering transparency. Decision-making won’t happen behind closed doors. We’re not going to hide anything, financially. And while I don’t expect others will rush to embrace and follow our example, I’m doing this to prove a point: that it can be done, and perhaps should be done. We’ll see what the people think as the experiment unfolds.”

“It is my sincerest hope that with planning, community input and effort, we will be able to transform this city into a leading example of what life should be in the 22nd century, and I hope you’ll join me.”

“We have to take the reins if we’re to choose our destination.”

Interestingly, Nick appears to be unpaid.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Nick has an assistant, Ms. Martinez.
  • Nick seems to have a friendly, if new, relationship with the Mayor.

Nick Statton

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