Esmée Fabron

La Dame Noire


Full legal name: Esmée Mélanie Fabron
Nickname(s): Em, Mademoiselle
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’9”
Weight: About 130lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Mossy green
Appearance: Perfect



To put it lightly, Esmée is a woman of truly exceptional, classic beauty. Hers is the allure of the leading ladies in vintage films, the grace of a woman of royal blood, the raw and unfettered seductive prowess of the greatest femme fatales. She is elegant and forever composed with a confidence and presence that makes her as seemingly unattainable as she is approachable and charismatic. Her smiles are genuine and her expression always questionably frank.

Esmée is most often, if not almost always, seen in noblesse couture: the sweeping ball gown and opera gloves; the tidy, tailored skirt suit; the fashionable blouse and flattering slacks. Her outfits are quite varied and tend to draw mostly from decades long since passed, but always reference elegance and a certain level of luxuriance. She often wears jewelry – sometimes lavish, sometimes modest – and it’s rare to see her without a sleek cigarette holder in hand.


Belle of the ball and social butterfly are just two of many descriptors to Esmée’s character. While her grace and dignity might seem like they’d get in the way of it, she is incredibly charismatic and charming company. Gentle, good-natured, congenial and of good humor, Esmée arrests (and relishes in) attention. Her tastes are undeniably high-class but she has no qualms with speaking to both the obscenely wealthy and the cripplingly poor. (She is quite generous to the later, but her compassion may be one of pity than of empathy.)

As charismatic as she is, there is something inherently mysterious about her – like what you see of her is only the glowing reflection cast across the surface of a deep, inky pool.



As she often tells others, Esmée was born silver spoon in hand to two loving parents in the heart of France. She is an only child, and due to a combination of (unspoken) strange circumstances and tragedies, the last surviving member of the esteemed Fabron family. She never goes into detail about the nature of her parents’ and extended family’s passing, but does mention she inherited the significant family fortune (all old money and investments) when she was an innocent sixteen years old. When she came of age, Esmée left her homeland and came to America to leave behind her somber past.

While it is plentifully obvious Esmée has no need for a steady job, music has been – and is – the love of her life. When she first came to America, she spent no time in putting all of her efforts into establishing herself as a classical jazz singer. Arguably as exquisite as her physical beauty, her voice quickly charmed its way into the jazz world. For all her worth, however, Esmée is not wildly well known and enjoys relatively intimate fame among a small collection of devoted fans.

Her years-long travels in America eventually led her to Thunder City, where seeing a lack of a jazz scene, she took the opportunity to open a unique jazz experience: Euphorie.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Esmée owns and regularly performs at Euphorie. She initially started performing under the name ‘demoiselle Fabron, but due to the traditionally black gown she performs in (coupled with her hair and, partially – likely ironically – her personality), her fans began to call her La Dame Noire. So amused was she by the nickname, she adopted it as her stage name.
  • Esmée has occasionally performed at Diamond in the Sky.

Esmée Fabron

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