Kukoyi "Kuku" Lei

A weird, unpredictable trickster, prone to crazy risks and cold-eyed determination in equal spades.


Full legal name: Kukoyi Lei
Nickname(s): Kuku
Caste/Aspect: Zenith Solar
Age: Mid-20s, apparently
Ethnicity: Black/Chinese
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 160
Hair: Black curls
Eyes: Dark brown
Appearance score: 4
Anima banner: Golden light edged with white, and a shining golden crown.


Just under six feet tall, Kuku is a slim young man with an athletic build. His black curls spill past his shoulders when loose, but are usually pulled back into a long ponytail. A slight cant to his dark eyes hints at his Chinese heritage, though the typical onlooker would be likely to miss it.


Kuku’s often pretty affable, and speaks with a crisp English accent he confusingly pairs with inner-city slang to create some utterly unrecognizable dialect. When serious or deep in concentration, however, he goes entirely back to formal speech.


Kuku was an elusive sort at the start of his affiliation with the Small Change group – vague about his background, and curiously difficult to pin down on any kind of reliable schedule. One day he’d be at Ana’s gym, the next at Vikky’s shop, and the next God only knew where. He apparently had some sort of job involving his computer, which was incongruously expensive and fancy given his cheap clothing and seemingly low-class living style.

The contradictions in his life were eventually explained by his admission to the others that he was in fact Jie Obasanjo, the son of two high-ranking Drachenbluts in King syndicate. After disappointing his entire family by his failure to Exalt (including his now ex-wife, Emma Comstock), he struck out on his own path.

Unfortunately, Spiralnebel got wind of Kuku and Ana, and the two fled the city with pursuit hot on their heels…

Kukoyi "Kuku" Lei

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