Carmen Mendez

Meek Protector of the Meek


Full legal name: Carmina Winona Mendez
Nickname(s): Carmen, Carr, Carmendez, Carmen San Diego, Carmel (if you want to make her blush)
Caste: Twilight Solar
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Mixed Hispanic
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: 3
Anima banner: A kite shield, etched with the emblem of a stag and haloed by the colors of a glorious sunset in vibrant golds, reds and purples.


Carmen is a short, plump young woman with a sweet, young face, easily mistaken for being a high school student. She has a certain “girl next door” vibe to her, with her unimposing stature and modest feminine features. Her wardrobe consists of cute, comfortable but ultimately unexciting clothes; she most often wears knit shirts, skirts and jeans, with minimal accessories. Her dark hair is mostly straight and shoulder-length. When she smiles, the dimple on her left cheek becomes obvious, and she sometimes uses glasses for reading.


Carmen’s personality is, at first blush, as tiny as her body. She’s a quiet, shy but well-meaning and sweet young woman, never one to impose herself on others or cause undue stress. Timid and meek are words that describe her well, though there are occasions when even she stands up and puts up a fight. She’s not terribly self-confident and is frequently sensitive to causing others problem, but at the end of the day she’s loyal, protective, and generous. Carmen has grown out of her shyness when it comes to the group, though she’s still doubly focused on trying to avoid conflict and being considerate.



After noticing Vikky’s tell while at her bookstore and following her instincts, Carmen first ‘met’ the group during their attack on Volcano at the Mexican restaurant. Once she witnessed Vikky’s sorcery, she returned to the bookstore to speak with her about her neosapience, eventually sharing that she is a (yet another) Sun aspect. Carmen expressed her interest in assisting Vikky’s team, provided that their goals aligned; Vikky passed this information along to the rest of the group, and a meeting was arranged.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Carmen previously knew Al through work at the hospital before discovering that she, too, had teamed up with the others.
  • She has several contacts in the police department as well as a city hall.
  • By strange coincidence, Carmen is friends with the Thunder City Dance Squad.


As of October 9th, Carmen is served by six Lesser Minions of the Eyeless Face: Eclaire (4’7"), Strudel (5’1"), Pavlova (5’6"), Baklava (5’7"), Custard (6’5"), and Cannoli (6’6").

Carmen Mendez

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