Small Change

Nothing to Fear

Story 6 - Session 1

Now that the unfortunate problem with Cheveyo has been addressed, it’s time to investigate the next worrisome tick on Nixie’s doomsday list: District Attorney Morgan’s death.

And yet… after spending all day tracking and watching over her, the foretold time arrives… and passes. Without incident. Stephanie Morgan arrives at her car and leaves the parking garage where she is supposed to be murdered. The team follows her home to make sure their interference with Cheveyo or Rhino had changed things. Something must have, because there’s no indication the DA is at risk of any foul play – at least tonight. That’s one crisis averted!


Saturday, September 7th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 0 XP
Total | 0 XP
Running Total | 427 XP



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