Small Change

Manse Hunt

Story 7 - Session 10

Nero Drago and his graffiti issue have been put aside for more pressing matters: finding out where in Thunder City horrifying beings of the underworld are going to be released from. Vikky and Carmen undergo a search for manses and demenses in town and discover the following:

  • The former Volcano headquarters (now mysteriously untouched)
  • The former site of Allegro, now a demense
  • The Sanctuary of the Silver Lady
  • Sycamore Trees Lodge
  • The former site of the door to Candyland, now a demense
  • City hall
  • The Cathedral

And off they go to hand-inspect the locations in question, in search of any ‘gates’ to the Underworld! (Or whatever.)

First up is Volcano. The manse itself is the traditional shrine on the roof of the building. A precursory look over by Sophia nets nothing, but their attempts to get into the building and have the group search it thoroughly only nets in an alarm going off. They decide to leave and try again later.

Second is the Cathedral. Sophia scans the building’s blueprint and discovers there are two basements. The first is just another bar and gaming area, but the door to the second basement is closely guarded. While they’re discussing how to get down there, Raven, the owner, comes down to hang around them. Kuku gears up for an attempt to flirt with the guard as a cover-up for why they’re creeping the door…


Friday, October 25th, 2167




Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 521 XP



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