Small Change

Love Demons

Story 7 - Session 13

Now that they understand where (at least probably) the undead army might come from, the group is tasked with deciding whether or not to go along with Raven/Fugue’s offer. Ultimately they decide they might as well, considering Raven’s missing person may have something to report as far as their Nero Drago problem goes. Once they get some specifics on who they’re looking for, they quickly triangulate a certain Miss Sawyer’s cellphone location – some warehouse very near the one where Sophia encountered Drago for the first time.

On arrival, they learn that Sawyer is unharmed but being held captive by two young and peppy twins that the group very quickly identifies as supernatural. They are Fluiluhn, the demon of love, summoned by a “scary man” to watch over Sawyer and wait for someone (apparently the group) to arrive and collect her. The scary man is likely none other than Drago himself. The bouncing bundles of joy harass them about their love lives, particularly settling on Kuku, teasing him with the possibility of finding Ana’s ghost. (Carmen, meanwhile, escorts Sawyer away from the two and to relative safety by the door.) He even has to be physically drawn away from them by Nixie, Carmen AND Al – and right when he is, two clouds of putrid, green fog close in on them. Whatever horrifying spider-scorpions are in the clouds of fog don’t pose much of a threat and are swiftly dispatched.


Saturday, October 26th, 2167


Waxing Crescent


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 533 XP



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