Small Change

January 2168

Story 8 - Session 9

The following is a summary of January, 2168. Things that are grayed out are not universally known by the rest of the group.

  • Helps Gabe with his mayoral campaign by reporting on her associates’ reactions
  • Acquires a squirrel familiar
  • As First Responder, keeps an ear out for anything resembling Cruelty, Drago’s effects, or other sapes doing good deeds
  • Asks Raven if anyone has come in or out of the Cathedral gateway; Raven reports it’s been gathering dust since Halloween
  • Puts together car parts found by Carmen for Nixie
  • Continues to work on setting up a group fund
  • Looks into medical labs that might be working on creating viruses, and with help from Nixie pinpoints the CDC and DARPA as potential targets to look into
  • Sets up a good hacking computer with multiple proxies in the dummy location of a shell corporation (etc.)
  • Interviews a virologist who offers little about creating a hypothetical cure and states
  • Works in tandem with Vikky to revive the missing Creepers
  • Helps out with Gabe’s campaign by attending local meetings and staking out the best people for Gabe to talk to in order to help a grassroots campaign started
  • Helps out with Gabe’s campaign by asking TCPD contacts about Chief Iron’s plans for corruption, which are unclear or non-existent
  • Compiles information about local break-ins in regards to drug stores, clinics, and the hospital, and writes an article about it; no haloperidol theft has been reported
  • Hires a few more employees at the bakery so it’s mostly self-sustaining, and offers jobs to Kuku and Vikky
  • Occasionally finds and fixes junkyard car parts for Nixie
  • Checks Al’s candy from Dr. Candy and finds it is not remotely supernatural
  • Informs the group about what the crystal at Dr. Candy’s lab likely is (possibly a Raksha’s Heart grace)
  • Brings up the Unity of Dreams spell; Al and Carmen agree to join Vikky for the trial run, and others will wait to hear about it before deciding for round 2
  • Pursues creating essence reactive silk for armor purposes and requests spools of magic material thread from Nixie
  • Towards the end of the month, begins trying to gather materials/books for the school, with help from Nixie
  • Works in tandem with Kuku to revive the missing Creepers
  • Returns to Dr. Candy’s with Kuku to arrange another crystal trip. On the resulting trip, she witnesses the Supreme suplex God and walk backward into hell. The resulting battle greatly reshaped the earth, and links up with the Toba catastrophe theory.
  • Learns to play guitar and starts performing in dive bars, using the opportunity to ask around about Drago and gang activities
  • With help from Nixie, searches for then locates the ~20 missing Creepers in small, graffiti-decorated shrines in unowned, derelict places of Thunder City. With the group’s agreement, they’re left there and monitored until the person tending to them (Morrie Turner) is seen and subsequently followed home by Sophia. She reports Morrie has ‘transformed’ from Hollow to Drago’s Puppet, a state that neither Vikky nor Kuku can cure. One other Creeper befalls the same fate. Both are left to their own but closely monitored.
  • Keeps an eye and ear out for new graffiti
  • Takes considerable lengths to investigate and mentally list gangs of all size
  • Works on her laundry list of “Improve Thunder City” items, including working on lowering rent in the worst areas, helping fund schools and protecting at-risk youth, and minimizing curb crime.
  • Files paperwork for his mayoral campaign
  • Starts glad-handing and courting PACs
  • Tries to get his investments somewhere more secure
  • Assists Sophia


Session Award | 8 XP
Total | 8 XP
Running Total | 595 XP



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