Small Change

Into the Lands of Shadow

Story 7 - Session 12

The Banjo-Kazooie duo Spikky-Crowphia delve deeper into the mystery of where the hell the club has gone. They don’t find the club, but they do find a couple skeleton knights, a weird and warped skyline of not-Thunder City, and a freaking bone dragon. Eventually, they run into the rest of the group as they dispatch the dead dogs and hungry ghosts left in the basement. Their discussion of where they’ve all gotten to is interrupted by Raven (Murder of Ravens in Fugue to be precise), who is displeased by their snooping AND their murder of her ‘guests’. Despite that, she has a peaceful if awkward and rocky conversation about where they are (the Underworld), why they’re here (for a plan of which Fugue has no knowledge of), and where to go from here (including a possible exchange of finding Fugue’s missing person for her sending a message to the Lady (the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears) she serves to petition the blockage of the Razorwire Catamite and his crew from passing through the gateway – aka, the cathedral door).

Also, a really chill skeleton was there.


Friday, October 25th, 2167




Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 529 XP



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