Small Change

Gone But At What Cost

Story 5 - Session 14

The Spiralnebel agent informs the group that the syndicates were the only thing standing between Thunder City and things much worse than gang violence, drugs, and prostitution, and that by removing the syndicates, they’re leaving the city vulnerable to assault from these “others,” including Creepers. Resoundingly, they reply that there is a way to create the forces necessary to protect the city without relying on the traditional draws of a business in crime, and until those forces are created, they will personally watch over the city to protect it.

Eventually, the agent concedes.

“I’ve had a thought, going through the back of my head right now. And now, I see just what we all need out of this. We need a model. We need a thesis. If I leave this city in your hands, and it all crumbles to dust, then the case is proven. But if good people alone are enough to keep it afloat… If you fail, you’ll drag Thunder City kicking and screaming with you. But I realize, now. The lesson, the demonstration, that would give us, would help ensure it never happens again. Your failure would be a crucial lesson to this world.”

Bearing the weight of a heavy task and a heavier consequence on their shoulders, the group disperses. Not for long, though; when Nixie returns to the Lodge, where Cheveyo’s mirror is being stored, she discovers that it’s entirely gone. The group reconvenes to track it down, ending up at a storage facility where Cheveyo’s Suns are stationed. Alejandro, Cheveyo’s right hand man, prevents them entry… but they weasel into the storage facility anyway.


Friday, September 6th, 2167


Waxing Gibbous


Session Award | 4 XP
Total | 4 XP
Running Total | 416 XP



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